Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS)

Name Position Email Web Page
Seif Haridi Full Professor     email         email
Anders Holst Associate Professor     email         email
Amir H. Payberah Senior Researcher     email         email
Ahmad Al Shishtawy Senior Researcher     email         email
Bjorn Bjurling Senior Researcher     email         email

Halmstad University (HH)

Name Position Email Web Page
Slawomir Nowaczyk Assistant Professor     email         email
Stefan Byttner Assistant Professor     email         email
Sepideh Pashami Postdoc Researcher     email         email
Mohamed-Rafik Bouguelia Senior Researcher     email         email

University of Skövde (HiS)

Name Position Email Web Page
Göran Falkman Associate Professor     email         email
Alexander Karlsson Senior Lecturer     email         email
Maria Riveiro Senior Lecturer     email         email
Tove Helldin Senior Lecturer     email         email
Juhee Bae Postdoc Researcher     email         email